Personal Property Tax Analysis 

We do a complete and total examination of your fixed assets and related data and inspections of the facilities and processes performed to ensure we become knowledgable of the specifics of your business.
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Real Estate Tax Analysis

We will closely review the Assessor's property records, do our own independent inspections of the facilities, research current market data and other relevant information and report our findings to you.
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Incentives & Credits

Many States offer various valueable lucrative Incentives and Credits to taxpayers who can qualify. We will bring all applicalbe programs to your attention for consideration, and administer the application and qualification process.
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We're here to insure all your Compliance obligations are met prior to filing deadlines.
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Audit Representation

Auditing activity is on the rise in many jurisdictions particularly in the Southeastern States. Whether conducted at the County, State, or by professional auditing contractors we can answer and respond to any audit findings and work with the auditors on your behalf to ensure optimal outcomes for you.

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