Incentives and Credit Services


-Are available statutorily 


-May allow favorable carry forward provisions


-May be claimed retroactively 


-Offset state income/franchise tax liability


Our Process

JMB's professionals have extensive experience securing credits in virtually every industry segment. We relentlessly and creatively pursue every viable opportunity to identify, negotiate, and secure credits for our clients. Research indicated that more than 50% of credits go unclaimed each year! We distinguish ourselves by ensuring that our clients don't miss these lucrative opportunities by representing them through the critical compliance process. We provide a comprehensive approach to identification, negotiation, utilization, and annual compliance. As our corporate mission and values mandate, we are meticulously dedicated to the highest level of client satisfaction.

Do you want to know more?


-Enhance return on capital investments.


-Includes both tax and non-tax benefits


-May reduce initial cash outlay


-Must be negotiated up front