Personal Property Tax

For your facilities in those states that tax personal property, our process involves a detailed, comprehensive review of fixed assets including on-site inspection of your machinery and equipment and research of your asset listings and other information. Being very careful to respect your time and that of your associates, we also may interview select individuals both inside and outside the organization, such as machinery and equipment vendors, to learn everything we possibly can about your operations, processes, procedures and property. 


We then apply our experience of having worked with many types of manufacturers in different industries and states, to your unique property tax issues. This enables us to ensure fair, accurate and minimal taxation of your personal property assets and make sure all tax exemptions and preferences that you are entitled to are being realized. It is more important than ever to insure accuracy in your personal property tax assessments.

Have questions? Or interested in getting more information related to your personal property tax please contact our Service Director,

Holly Rosswurm