“Property Tax Expertise in All Facets for Industrials and Manufacturers in the United States of America is all we do! Our Goal is to Produce Positive Net Benefits for Our Valued Clients.”



JMB began operations in 2002 and quickly established itself as a preferred choice for a variety of complex, industrial, and manufacturing clients in many different states. We have been very fortunate to work with many world class organizations on some of their most delicate property tax situations, and particularly where experience and deliberation are required. Our goals have always included commitment to deliver and excellent value propositions to our clients. 



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Mike Boykin, CMI


"I have been a Certified Member of Institute for Professionals in Taxation since 1999, one of of about 500 active in the U.S.A. Having over 25 years experience working with many diverse industries, and tax officials in virtually every State in the U.S.A., I will identify and obtain tax savings and refunds for your anywhere they are warranted."

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We are exclusively engaged in the analysis of tax assessment valuations for complex, industrial and manufacturing property in the midwestern and southeastern United States, and have been since before our inception in 2002.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we would be able to provide seamless solutions to your property tax issues in a way that is net-beneficial to your organization.